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Young Iranians Arrested for Recording Tehran Version of Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” (WTF)

Posted by Brian Simpson on May 23, 2014 at 13:00 0 Comments

Age: 25, Crime: Happiness

About a month ago, 6 Iranian boys and girls (in this video) danced to the famous song by Pharrell Williams called "Happy" on the rooftops of Tehran and uploaded their video on the YouTube. It was widely distributed in the social media. The police decided to track them down and arrest them and make them repent in front of the camera. It then showed this capture on the national TV channels as a bunch of deceived Iranian youth who regretted their deed. In the past 35 years, Islamic Republic has managed to steal freedom and happiness from the Iranian youth and replace it with a culture full of mourning and sorrow. We, too, are human. We, too, have the right to be happy and live happily and learn how to be happy.

Put Scotland in control of Scottish Broadcasting Now...

Posted by Brian Simpson on September 21, 2014 at 16:17 0 Comments

About this Petition The independence referendum is over. On September the 18th voters in Scotland said No to independence by 55% to 45%.

There is now a vow to bring more extensive powers to Scotland. The media has a key role to play in ensuring pledges made by the three Unionist parties prior to the referendum are honoured. The BBC has a key role in informing the people of Scotland and holding the London based politicians to account. Whatever your views of the BBC, one thing is clear - Scotland has changed forever.

That change has been demonstrated in crowded halls throughout Scotland as ordinary people engage in the democratic process. The two year campaign, initially described by some as too long, has allowed a nation to mature politically - it has been electrifying. As Scotland moves on to her next phase, we require our institutions to mirror our evolution. We need our broadcasters to be of us, to reflect us, to answer to us. Currently the BBC exists in Scotland as an appendage to the UK BBC. Despite its name, there is no offical body called BBC Scotland. The organisation we know as BBC Scotland is not answerable to the Scottish Parliament. It is not subject to Scottish Freedom of Information laws and cannot be summoned to answer questions in front of Holyrood MSPs.

The BBC in Scotland is, in effect, controlled by London and is ultimately answerable to the Westminster government. The BBC in Scotland must come under the jurisdiction of the Scottish Parliament, Scots Law and ultimately the Scottish people. The proposals for further devolution of power to Scotland must include broadcasting.

This petition does not attempt to specify how the new…



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